Collaborative Security

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What is Collaborative Security?

The magnitude, sophistication and variety of today's cyber threats make it unfeasible for enterprises to defend themselves alone.
In order to effectively combat cyber crime enterprises need to share vital security information and collaborate.
Comilion introduces the first collaborative security ecosystem for truly secured data sharing and collaboration.

Comilion Trust


To effectively collaborate in an inter-company ecosystem, people need to trust one another. This can only be achieved within a closed secure community.

Comilion Quality


With the flood of data facing security personnel, trustworthy filtering is a necessity. Without it, shared information is largely irrelevant and will be ignored.

Comilion Regulation


In regulated industries, fear of breaching government regulations often inhibits data sharing. This can be solved with a solution that assures regulatory compliance.

Our Technology

The Comilion platform is a fully-decentralized solution for collaborative security in regulated markets. Comilion creates exclusive networks that enable highly-secured peer-to-peer or group data sharing between or within enterprises.

Through tight integration with enterprise SIEMs and big data repositories, Comilion identifies threat indicators, malicious activity, and critical security-related trends – both structured and un-structured. Then, leveraging a customizable rules-based sharing policy and multi-jurisdictional regulation enforcement, Comilion correlates these trends across all vetted community members.

Enabling Trust & Secured Data Sharing

As a fully decentralized solution, Comilion enables data sharing between enterprises residing in different regulatory environments; averting problems posed by centrally managed information networks.

Comilion is installed locally and is designed to integrate as a node on existing networks with a minimal footprint; so your data is never exposed - you share only what you want to share. Comilion also offers policy-based sharing and complete data anonymization, combined with relevancy-based sharing mechanisms.

Together with a rule-based sharing policy and a regulation enforcement mechanism, Comilion ensures secure group communication that complies with data protection regulations and prevents sensitive corporate data from reaching the wrong hands.

Already in beta testing at major financial institutions, Comilion is installed on-premises and is ideally-suited to regulated sectors such as finance, healthcare, government and defense.


Comilion is a fully decentralized platform for highly secure and regulated data sharing and collaboration, designed to combat cyber crime.


Comilion enables sharing beyond basic intelligence and attack indicators (with limited life expectancy) as well as advanced rules, SIEMs and repository queries, RegExs and unstructured context elements that facilitate real understanding and mitigation of attacks.


Comilion enforces regulation ‘by design’ so contributors need not worry about government compliance: the Comilion platform handles all sharing authorizations of data in accordance with relevant regulation frameworks.

About Us

Founded in 2012, Comilion is jointly headquartered in Tel Aviv and New York. Led by cyber security experts, the experienced Comilion management team brings broad and multidisciplinary experience with proven records of success in global computer security, defense, and enterprise software.

Who we are?

We are a security oriented tech savvy group of professionals committed to developing the best-in-class defense solutions. In our team you'll find cyber security and R&D experts with substantial experience in the security field and involvement in collaborative group projects around the world.

Why we do this?

We believe that ‘good guys’ need to join forces. We are committed to creating the infrastructure that will enable a more secured cyber space for the business world.

Our Team


Kobi Freedman

Kobi Freedman

Founder & CEO

Kobi's LinkedIn

Kobi has over 15 years’ experience in international business development and general management working within the cyber defense and web security industry.
Kobi is also a member of the board of Comilion.

Guy Wertheim

Guy Wertheim

Founder & CTO

Guy's LinkedIn

Prior to Co-founding Comilion, Guy was a consultant with McKinsey, and before that spent many years in an elite intelligence unit in the Israeli army.
Guy is also a member of the board of Comilion.

Our Extended Team

Shlomo Kramer

Founding Investor

Shlomo Kramer is an information technology entrepreneur and investor; the founder and CEO of Cato Networks, a startup developing solutions for the cloud enabled enterprise. more... Shlomo was the co-founder of Check Point (CHKP) and Imperva (IMPV), and is board director and investor in a number of security and software companies, including: WatchDox, Lacoon, Exabeam, FundBox, Indegy and Insert Mobile. Shlomo's past investments include SkyFence (IMPV), Palo Alto Networks (PANW), Trusteer (IBM), Worklight (IBM), Business Layers (CA) and Digital Fuel (VMware). Shlomo was honored with various awards, including CEO of the Year by SC Magazine in 2008 and one of 20 luminaries who changed the network industry by Network World in 2006, and was inducted into the InfoSec Hall of Fame in April 2013. Shlomo holds an MSc in computer science from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and a BSc in mathematics and computer science from Tel Aviv University

Mickey Boodaei

Founding Investor

Mickey is an entrepreneur and investor, formerly the Co-founder and CEO of Trusteer (acquired by IBM). Mickey was also the co-founder and VP Sales for at Imperva, Inc. (IMPV). more... Mickey was also founding investor and board member at Hyperwise (acquired by Checkpoint), Aorato (acquired by Microsoft), SkyFense (acquired by Imperva), LacoonSecurity, Watchdox, Topspin, Excelero and Insert. Mickey holds an MBA from Ben-Gurion University and MSc in computer engineering from the Technion

Pinhas Buchris

Board Member

Brigadier General (Ret.) Pinchas Buchris is a senior business executive with extensive experience in managing large organizations, and in strategic planning and technology development. more... Formerly General Director of Israel’s ministry of defense and the IDF Central Intelligence Unit (8200), Pinchas brings vast technological experience along with an in depth knowledge of the High-Tech community and cyber security. In recent years Pinchas served in many executive positions both in Government and in the private sector including: Chairman of the Cyber Security subcommittee in the Prime Minister’s office, CEO of Oil Refineries, (ORL - BAZAN), Venture Partner at Apax Partners and Managing Director with Tamares Capital Ltd.

Jacques Benkoski

Founding Investor & Board Member

Jacques is a partner with USVP, featuring a long track of board positions and investments in technology and security companies. more... Jacques has broad experience in working with very large companies as well as startups and has also worked through IPOs and M&As of both small and large firms. Jacques has held executive management positions, technical positions and sales and marketing roles over the course of his career and has been directly responsible for large bottom-line-generating revenue. The common theme he holds constant in his mind is how to execute the vision of the entrepreneur and leverage both his personal and USVP's professional network contacts to accelerate growth and build significant and sustainable businesses.

Rakesh Loonkar

Founding Investor & Board Member

Rakesh is a serial entrepreneur and private investor focusing on early stage Internet security companies. more... Formerly Co-Founder and president of Trusteer (acquired by IBM), Co-Founder of OneSecure (acquired by Juniper) and an investor and board member with many startup companies including Aorato (acquired by Microsoft), HyperWise (acquired by Checkpoint), Worklight (acquired by IBM), Endgame systems, WatchDox, Sumo logic, Lacoon security, Fireglass and Insert mMbile.

Swarth Group

Founding Investor

Swarth Group is a private equity fund, with holdings in several security and telecom companies, including ECI Telecom.